A Beluga Whale Meets a Mariachi Band

Whales are incredibly intelligent creatures, known for having individual personalities and even distinct cultures (such that there is even a serious movement to grant them an equivalent to human rights). If the following video doesn’t attest to their remarkable development, I don’t know what will.

I could never watch that video without smiling. It’s definitely something to bookmark in the event of a bad day.

Rare Whale Ahoy!

The Australian Broadcasting Network (a pretty reputable news source) recently posted footage of an extremely rare marine animal known as theShepherd’s beaked whale, which had been spotted off the southern coast of Australia.  This is the first video ever taken of this species, our knowledge of which is limited to only six sighting and 29 beached specimens.

You can access the video in the first hyperlink, since I can’t embed it here. Its well worth the attention, as it represents a beautiful and intimate glimpse into a very mysterious creature (which appears to be joined by many other different kinds of marine life).

As to be expected, we don’t know much about this enigmatic creature, other than that it’s quite small for it a whale, and seems to be a deep-water feeder found only in the Southern Hemisphere, near Antarctica.

It’s amazing to think that with our technological intrusion into seemingly every inch of this planet, there is still so much that remains unknown. Who knows what else is waiting to be found in this great expanse of blue. We often talk of space as a frontier, but I think our own oceans will remain quite untamed for years to come.