Iftar Among the Ruins of War

Syrian family having an Iftar dinner, which breaks the fast of Ramadan, in the ruins of their town of Ariha.

The entire population headed north last year following a Russian-backed government offensive to retake the region. Much of the town was razed to the ground.

Following a ceasefire, some of the poorest refugees have returned to find cheap accommodation amid the ruins.

Abu Ziad and his family came back last month and found a place to stay on the ruins where his home used to be. That is where he wanted to share at least one last Iftar dinner.

“Now, my family and I are here on top of the destruction. We are re-living a very difficult and painful memory. I pray that God doesn’t let anyone else experience this. Every year, we used to spend Ramadan here, and we wanted to spend one day of this Ramadan here.”

While the home’s kitchen is long gone, Abu Ziad’s mother brought meals from outside: “The most important thing is that we re-live our memories and eat in our home.”

Source: Al Jazeera

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