The Best Countries for Talented People

According to the 2018 Global Talent Competitiveness Index published by INSEAD, a leading French business school, Switzerland ranks as the best place in the world for attracting and cultivating talent.

Singapore ranked second — the highest in Asia for the fifth straight year — followed by the United States, Norway, and Sweden. Eight of the top ten were European.

The index assesses a country’s ability to not only draw the world’s skilled and educated workers, but to develop and retain them at home. Hence the highest ranking countries tended to have good education systems, healthy and open business environments (in terms of regulations, rule of law, etc.) and reliable infrastructure and telecommunications, to name but a few factors. They were also cosmopolitan, with greater openness to immigration and multiculturalism (which makes sense if you want to attract as many talented people as possible regardless of background).

For a more detailed and interactive breakdown of the data, click here.

H/T: Bloomberg


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