A Tree of World Religions

Humans today practice around 4,200 religions in total, albeit only a handful of which can be classified as major “world religions“, with followers in the tens of millions or more.

Throughout history there may have been tens of thousands of other distinct religious traditions, the vast majority of which are no longer followed. (The complex and often nebulous definition of “religion” makes it hard to get a solid count.)

Someone named Dzvenislava Novakіvska from what looks to be a Ukrainian consulting firm has created a gorgeous and extensively detailed “tree of world religions” (which is nonetheless labeled in English).


Screenshot courtesy of Hemant Mehta

I cannot verify the accuracy of this massive effort, which appears to have thousands of different religions and sects stretching back to 4,000 B.C.E.; the “trunk” consists of four distinct but interwoven strands of the world’s most ancient known religious traditions: Sramana, Vedic, Chinese Folk, and Japanese Mythology.

As you can see from the screenshot above, the world religion tree is in English, so check out the full interactive version here.

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