Which Country Has The Most Engaged Workers?

According to the Global Engagement Index compiled by The Marcus Buckingham Company (TMBC), a consultancy, China and the U.S. tied for having the world’s most engaged workers — described as those who “believed in their work’s purpose and in their own company’s future”.

The results, which spanned 1,000 respondents working in a variety of companies across thirteen countries, can be seen in the following graph by The Atlantic.


More on the results from The Atlantic:

[T]he element that explained the difference in engagement across countries was whether an employee thought their personal strengths could be used at work. That said, certain patterns were visible on the level of individual countries. In the U.S., the survey found that a key indicator of engagement was whether employees were onboard with the mission of the company. In the U.K. and India, it was about whether employees valued being around coworkers who shared their values. In France, Canada, Brazil, and Argentina, workers responded most strongly to the statement “My teammates have my back”.

In essence, a nation’s culture influences corporate culture, at least to some degree. I would be curious to know how this pattern varies among certain industries, whether multinational corporations were among those surveyed, etc. What are your thoughts?

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