How Africa Can Unlock Its Potential In 2016

As the world’s fastest growing continent both demographically and economically, Africa harbors tremendous promise to its multitude of peoples. The Africa Growth Initiative, a project of The Brookings Institution, one of the world’s foremost think tanks, offers an in-depth and comprehensive report on Africa’s future and the key areas and strategies that its governments can implement to ensure continued prosperity.

The report, Foresight Africa, is divided into six parts, from economic policy to urban development, and comprises the perspectives of academics, policymakers, consultants, and other specialists deeply involved in and familiar with the continent. In addition to being dense with data, its got lots of visuals to help illustrate the potential of this dynamic region — and how best to unleash it.

I recommend you at least give the report a glance. Africa is still all-too-often written off as a blighted place of disease, death, and dysfunction. But almost every country on the continent has made significant strides towards greater democracy, stability, and prosperity, and it is high-time that Africans be given their due credit for resilience, perseverance, and innovation. There is tremendous dynamism on the continent, and the report offers a key guide to how its leaders — as well as its stakeholders — can realize it.

Read more here (PDF).


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