How to Help Victims of the Refugee Crisis

For those of you as morally devastated by the migrant crisis as I am, The Independent has compiled a list of charities, humanitarian organizations, grassroots movements, and other ways in which you can help the thousands of refugees desperately fleeing sociopolitical disasters across Africa and the Middle East. See it here.

From donating funds to giving away well needed supplies to joining advocacy groups, there are plenty of options for those who may lack the time or resources.

Additionally, I recommend you check out U.S.-based CharityNavigator.comwhich can help you choose the reliable and effective charities to support. It also has a section dedicated to the Syrian crisis here, as well as another list of charities involved in the largely overlooked but equally catastrophic Yemen crisis (click here).

Do whatever you can, and remember that no amount of assistance is too small for a tragedy this desperate.

4 comments on “How to Help Victims of the Refugee Crisis

  1. An unspoken-of travesty is the lack of responsibility from neighbors in the region to try to settle any refugees. Some oil rich countries in the region – Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, and Qatar – have done very little to help and have essentially punted to the West any type of responsibility for helping these poor people. The West is always the go-to when it comes to blame… and apparently humanitarian aid and responsibility for fixing the refugee crisis.

    • All very true. I was not going to get into the wider politics of the issue, but it is well worth pointing out. At least few media outlets, most recently the BBC, have come around to highlighting how the Persian Gulf has failed to officially take in a single refugee — despite clearly having the resources and (allegedly) the religious affinity. One sees a similar longstanding pattern with the Palestinians, who are used as pawns to undermine the West and Israel yet are no better treated by the neighbors who claim solidarity. There is a profound lack of leadership in the reason.

      • That’s precisely what is so outrageous. Many of these governments say one thing, but really just use these issues for their own political purposes. A practice that should be exposed. It seems unfair to expect the West to have to shoulder the burden completely. The refugee crisis is enormous…

      • I agree. My appeal is for anyone and everyone to do what they can in the meantime. Ultimately, it should be up to the wider global community, which is allegedly keen on taking the reigns from the usual Western players, to step up. But seeing as they are failing to, we must do what we can while refugees continue fleeing and dying.

        Perhaps when I have the time I will write a proper blog about the wider geopolitics of this…or share a post you may have written on it 😉 Thanks sir.

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