What’s Across Your Coastline?

While at the beach or otherwise facing the ocean, have you ever wondered what lies beyond the horizon? Of course, we all now know that there is just more of the rest of the planet (well, most of us anyway). But who exactly is facing you on the other side of the water?

Eric Odenheimer was apparently wondering the same thing when devising the following seven maps, brought to you (with some great tweaks and additions) via the Washington PostThey are as beautiful as they are informative, helping to place Earth’s spatial distribution in perspective. (As a resident of Miami, Florida, United States, I had no idea the disputed territory of Western Sahara was my “oceanic neighbor, so to speak).

Here’s the rest of the Western Hemisphere…

…and here are the other continents…

Another fun way to look at this.

As the Post points out, these maps subvert the common Mercator projection that most of us are familiar with, which makes Africa and South America appear far smaller than they actually are. (I spoke about this at length here.) Thus you can also gain an appreciation for the vastness of certain countries, such as Peru and Somalia.

Pretty fun stuff. Many thanks to my friend Natalie for sharing.

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