Mother’s Day Post

How vastly important is it, then, for mothers to have a higher regard for their duties—to feel deeply the immense responsibilities that rest upon them! It is through their ministrations that the world grows worse or better.

–Timothy Shay Arthur

No words can do justice to the immense affection and gratitude I have towards my mother. The best and only thing I can do is live up to the values she lovingly cultivated and instilled in me.

Oscar Wilde once said that a man’s greatest tragedy is that he does not become like his mother. I indeed hope to encompass at least a shred of my mom’s integrity, compassion, ethics, and fortitude (not to mention her culinary mastery and financial acumen!).

I concur with Abraham Lincoln that “all that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother.”

From The Atlantic comes an interesting video about how geography and culture affect the experience of motherhood. Ten moms living in various countries were asked what it is like to be them and what makes motherhood in their country unique. Their answers reveal how families and communities, on both a local and national level can influence the way we raise our children. Click the following link to view it fullscreen.

Finally, HuffPo explores the origin of Mother’s Day, and how its unlikely creator would feel about it today:

[Anna] Jarvis — a West Virginia woman who didn’t even have children of her own — came up with the idea for a Mother’s Day holiday, organizing the first celebration at a Methodist church in 1908. Annoyed that most American holidays were dedicated to honoring male achievements, Jarvis started a letter-writing campaign to make it a national holiday, involving wearing a white carnation, visiting your mother and maybe going to church.

Her campaign worked, but not in the way she hoped: She never wanted Mother’s Day to be the commercial holiday it quickly came to be. (Although maybe she should have thought twice about getting financing for the first celebration from the owner of Wanamaker’s, a major department store at the time.)

“Commercialization of Mother’s Day is growing every year,” she said “Since the movement has spread to all parts of the world, many things have tried to attach themselves because of its success.”

Well, whatever you think about the holiday, take the time to appreciate the positive role played by your mother — or any analogous figure — this day and everyday.

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