Thirty Fun Facts About Russia

Business Insider has compiled a list of some interesting facts about Russia that are sure to delight fellow russophiles.

Some of my personal favorites:

  • Russian doesn’t need a subject and a verb to complete a sentence. Therefore “Dog.” or “Was walking.” are both complete sentences
  • Russians use the same word to say “get healthier” and “get fatter.”
  • One super-popular Russian meal — called “holodets” — contains meat suspended in salted gelatin.
  • Russians don’t put eyes on smileys when typing. They are ) or ))))) but never : ) The more parentheses you add, the more you like something.
  • Legend has it that Russians chose Christianity over Islam back in 988 AD in part because they didn’t want to give up alcohol.
  • There are no Russian words for “fun” or “privacy”.
  • Under the Soviet Union, the distribution of Beatles albums was forbidden by the government, so some medical students would burn Beatles songs onto old X-rays.

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