8 Amazing Examples of Ramps Blended Into Stairs



Ramps can sometimes present challenges for designers and architects. They are useful (and sometimes required by law) for strollers, wheelchairs and any device with wheels for that matter. Aesthetically, they can sometimes be cumbersome and out of place with the rest of the design. In the gallery below we explore a series of ramps that have been beautifully blended into sets of stairs.

Some of you may wonder about these designs not being ‘to code’ as handrails are not present. Unfortunately I am not well versed in building standards and codes, especially since they vary from country to country. If you are familiar with codes and regulations, we’d love your opinions in the comments! I did take a quick peek at the U.S Department of Justice’s 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design and found the following in terms of regulations as it pertains to handrails in the United States:

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