The 10 Most Overlooked But Important Moments in History

The list, compiled for the BBC by its readers, has some some pretty obscure and interesting selections, even for a self-styled history buff like me. They are the following:

  1. The discovery of industrial ammonia
  2. The Rebellion of Andreas Hofer
  3. Al-Hazen’s Work on Optics
  4. The Danube Script
  5. Double-Entry Bookkeeping
  6. The Seven Years’ War
  7. The Kingdom of Axum
  8. The Law Code of Hammurabi
  9. Rise of the Khmer Empire (and its building of the Angkor War)
  10. The Life of Simon Bolivar

Each of these things played a vital role in shaping the course of human history. Yet how many of them are even remotely known, let alone discussed? What do you guys thing? What are some things you’d add to the list?

2 comments on “The 10 Most Overlooked But Important Moments in History

  1. an extraordinary list….. of course this is about those moments overlooked.. so I can only think of the obvious ones like the internet..
    maybe the inventors of contraception.. especially the pill which gave women control.

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