The Houla Massacre

It’s hard to believe that people are still being slaughtered like cattle in Syria, with full impunity on the part of the government. The video below is just a sample of that brutality. Fair warning, it’s extremely graphic. I’m not trying to shock or disgust anyone. This is something that I think people need to see and realize.

This was going on around the same time that I was out partying with friends. This is just a sliver of the cruelty and horror that goes on throughout the world at any given time. Years of studying this has not dented the psychological impact – while I’m numb to it for the most part, it saddens me tremendously deep down.

As I lie in my warm bed tonight, I’ll be unable to stop thinking about how something like this is playing out at that very moment, and I’m powerless to stop it.

6 comments on “The Houla Massacre

  1. This is so horrific. The Syrian government are blaming the rebels. The rebels are blaming the government and meanwhile thousands of innocent people are suffering. The UN say it’s complicated – and I’m sure it is – but there is a level at which it is simple – it’s wrong – it has to stop – it doesn’t matter who is doing it they need to stop and we need to have the courage to make them stop.

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