Why Daylight Saving Time is Pointless

Personally, I don’t mind having an extra hour or so in the day, considering that the sun is rising earlier and setting later anyway. But for obvious reasons – namely a disruption of sleep – a lot of people disagree. Gizmodo lists its own reasons as to why DST is dated and causes more trouble than it’s worth. I guess being insomniatic makes me somewhat bias in its favor!

Also, it was British-born New Zealander George Vernon Hudson who first advocated that we move our clocks forward one hour in advance, back in 1895. He too wanted to squeeze more out of the day, since his work as an entomologist required more daylight (he collected bugs). Englishman William Willett is also credited with being the first to promote the practice, for similar reasons. Guess our obsession with trying to make more time in the day is hardly a new one. I wonder what other innovations we’ll come up with to that end.

Read more about the history of DST here, or some little-known facts and misconceptions here. Hope those of you living in DST-practicing regions are adjusting well.

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