A Lost Bug is Rediscovered

A science blog from NPR by Robert Krulwich reported on a very rare but wonderful occurrence: re-discovery of a species previous thought extinct, in this case the Lord Howe stick insect. With so many species threatened or going extinct, this is a nice change of pace.

It’s a great story, and if I had the time, I’d elaborate on it here. I recommend you guys give it a read. Below is a video of one of these little guys hatching. If you’re not as interested in bugs as I am, you might find it squeamish. Regardless, I think we can all agree it’s beautiful to see a previously “extinct” animal come back to life, so to speak.

2 comments on “A Lost Bug is Rediscovered

  1. This is the coolest. My little grand son is here, he is 6 years old and loves this sort of stuff, we both enjoyed the photo and video, we watched the following 3 videos and bookmarked them. Thank you : )

    • That’s wonderful! I’m so touched to have helped with his interest. It’s great to see others be interested in this.You’re cultivating it very young 😉 Glad you enjoyed!

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