Fancy a Pet Jellyfish?

This is by far one of the coolest things I’ve seen in some time – a portable tank made especially for jellyfish. Aside from it’s unique ability to accommodate what is otherwise a very difficult creature to keep in captivity, this Desktop Jellyfish Tank is gorgeous in a sleek and minimalist kind of way.

I love the aesthetic, and I can see why the company behind it is called Jellyfish Art. It really is a perfect melding of nature and human ingenuity into something beautiful. This remarkable idea deserves the slew of news coverage it’s received

You can learn more about this invention, and it amazing young creator Alex, here. I hope to see this become a staple in local pet stores someday. I certainly plan on getting my own one of these days.

Hat tip to my friend Nati for sharing this with me.

Post Script:
Speaking of jellyfish, check out one of my older posts on a fascinating specimen that may hold the key to life extension.

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